Feminine Defined

As promised two new series of works are now available at my portfolio for April 2020. ‘Fruit & Feet,’ was a very exciting and fun work to create. ‘Touch Down,’ developed on from work I began creating last year. Together I felt that I was re-evaluating my sense of femininity.

April has been wonderful. Months of preparation has meant I’m able to keep developing new project ideas and I now feel I’m in full swing with my own arts practice. I received an honourable mention in Create! Magazine recently after I applied to an open call for women identifying as female and I will be featured on their blog soon.

I’m happy to announce my store has also opened and awaits your inspection. You’ll find a collection of items at the ready. I’ve also started selling works at auction including ‘Glaselonoch,’ which is available now. ‘Mothers Apron,’ also available and ‘Fruit & Feet,’ finally.

What kind of May are we going to have do you think?

Choose Wisely

It’s the 1st April and I’m happy to bring you a new post. My new project Holding On’ is now here. I’m about to finish my project for March and it will be uploaded to my portfolio shortly. I’m now in a regular routine of creating short term projects which is keeping me focused and I’m really grateful. I’ve built up a routine where I can create as much as is possible, it’s really providing a sense of achievement. My Patreon page is up and running. I post to my Art Journal every Tuesday, and Why Art? On a Saturday. I’m building up my Patreon page but it will take a bit longer.

I’ve created a lifestyle blog called The Labour Is The Maker where I post daily about daily living. It’s probably not in the true sense of a lifestyle blog where I present a fabulously enviable life of glamour, but I have found it really quite helpful. It moves all my personal thoughts and feelings regarding this life and how to manage it to a specific page. I spend a lot less time on social media as a result. Twitter has me in stitches and I consider my Twitter feed a vital part of my practice, but I would prefer to keep my time on there to a minimum. I love Instagram and I post an image nearly every day, but I want to change the conversation a little bit and not spend too much time there either.

In terms of my art practice this means I’m now posting quite a lot and that takes up time, it’s something I want to do because I think around the work and what’s involved a lot. I keep notes and diaries and I want to write frequently about the process of art making, the value in art making, and reflect on those things.

With world events I haven’t been able to get to the places I need to get to so I’ve had to continue putting things together from home. It’s a frustrating time but also an opportunity to evaluate. I hope you are doing well during quarantine and see you 1st May!

A Positive Turn

Beat me,

Shout and yell.

I’m a tough cookie,

I’ve been through hell.

I forgive all

Who take my kindness

For weakness

Except you, I guess.

Control me,

Excuse your ignorance

For a child of three

Who became a king.

The little girl

Who separated right from wrong,

Who said no more,

Who fought to be strong.

It would take a king

For you to listen.

I wear no ring.

My throne, my rights.

I sit here,

I am not your queen.

My life, my story.

A future never been.


As I wrote last month I wanted to post on the 1st October. A lot has happened since I last posted and I feel a crucial change happening in my life that might change the direction of my art work completely.

I recently rediscovered my love of pixel art which I remember from being young. I feel as though I’m reaching an age where enough time has elapsed to overcome the difficulties I’ve faced. I live in a new space and as time moves on I feel more settled, stable and secure. What is particularly important to me right at this moment is that I am able to decide what I’m willing and not willing to tolerate. I have some ideas of how this might be reflected in my art work. I’ll be visiting craft fairs over the winter and making things in time for spring.

I’m looking for studio space over the winter too, moving beyond my dining table and desk to make art making easier, but I’m also focusing on photography more. I want to reflect upon a feeling of comfort, calm and trust that is new to me, something I feel in my gut and which might be the result of the work put in.

I will post on the 1st November. May you have a brilliant Halloween!