Feminine Defined

As promised two new series of works are now available at my portfolio for April 2020. ‘Fruit & Feet,’ was a very exciting and fun work to create. ‘Touch Down,’ developed on from work I began creating last year. Together I felt that I was re-evaluating my sense of femininity.

April has been wonderful. Months of preparation has meant I’m able to keep developing new project ideas and I now feel I’m in full swing with my own arts practice. I received an honourable mention in Create! Magazine recently after I applied to an open call for women identifying as female and I will be featured on their blog soon.

I’m happy to announce my store has also opened and awaits your inspection. You’ll find a collection of items at the ready. I’ve also started selling works at auction including ‘Glaselonoch,’ which is available now. ‘Mothers Apron,’ also available and ‘Fruit & Feet,’ finally.

What kind of May are we going to have do you think?

Choose Wisely

It’s the 1st April and I’m happy to bring you a new post. My new project Holding On’ is now here. I’m about to finish my project for March and it will be uploaded to my portfolio shortly. I’m now in a regular routine of creating short term projects which is keeping me focused and I’m really grateful. I’ve built up a routine where I can create as much as is possible, it’s really providing a sense of achievement. My Patreon page is up and running. I post to my Art Journal every Tuesday, and Why Art? On a Saturday. I’m building up my Patreon page but it will take a bit longer.

I’ve created a lifestyle blog called The Labour Is The Maker where I post daily about daily living. It’s probably not in the true sense of a lifestyle blog where I present a fabulously enviable life of glamour, but I have found it really quite helpful. It moves all my personal thoughts and feelings regarding this life and how to manage it to a specific page. I spend a lot less time on social media as a result. Twitter has me in stitches and I consider my Twitter feed a vital part of my practice, but I would prefer to keep my time on there to a minimum. I love Instagram and I post an image nearly every day, but I want to change the conversation a little bit and not spend too much time there either.

In terms of my art practice this means I’m now posting quite a lot and that takes up time, it’s something I want to do because I think around the work and what’s involved a lot. I keep notes and diaries and I want to write frequently about the process of art making, the value in art making, and reflect on those things.

With world events I haven’t been able to get to the places I need to get to so I’ve had to continue putting things together from home. It’s a frustrating time but also an opportunity to evaluate. I hope you are doing well during quarantine and see you 1st May!