Hello readers. It’s 1st October 2020 and as promised here is my blog post for the month. I apologise that I could not post in September . I had to log off, dispose of my tech, do a tech detox, and start fresh. I have been busy with my art practice in the meanwhile.

Firstly I constructed an item of street art which was great fun to create. It approaches notions of what objects mean to us, what their nature if it is utilitarian for example, and implied meanings such as branding. Many deny the art object whilst employing it to mean things beyond it’s intended use. I took that further to counter certain behaviours in society. The art object doesn’t fail.

This item was padlocked in a public space before I brought it home. The artefact can not fail. All manner of ill behaviour can be portrayed in art and it simply doesn’t go beyond the item itself. The opposite is also true. Art is static . It simply goes no further than the audience.

Propaganda doesn’t work that way. #Propaganda is a lie and the perpetrators are responsible as they act out the lie in the real world as though it’s true. Put a lie into a painting and it will simply be a lie. If an individual commits to the lie it is propaganda and a criminal offence that they are committing beyond any art medium. Everybody can do something about a lie. If an artefact’s construction is criminal by nature then the art object doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s completely static, and the perpetrators will pay the price.

If for example certain types of artefacts and their producers are continually selected then you have bias which is a propaganda technique. You make up your own minds , change them, and hold a thought like normal people. It’s alarming when the fog clears so to speak. The exhibition ‘Weapons Of Mass Communication’ held at the Military Museum in London which I attended as a fashion and textiles student in 2007 was a superb experience for me personally and I think there is a book available if that’s your sort of thing.

I also performed street theatre roughly a month ago now. I didn’t record the performance but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and honestly I could cry just thinking about it.

It was a drawn out process that I had to perform spontaneously where I simply performed the act of physically defending yourself as a solo performer. I had props but no weapons, and demonstrated my ability to injure another person to the point of destruction whilst being someone who practices non violence. I did so infront of everyone watching with little more than a hand painted sign that said ‘theatre.’

The point is that perpetrators don’t take self defense seriously and they think they’re the biggest shark in the blue sea, and if they’re not they can get their mates. Individuals can defend themselves to the most violent potential imaginable against many offenders but don’t try that theory out. You’re already playing a losing game.

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