Feminine Defined

As promised two new series of works are now available at my portfolio for April 2020. ‘Fruit & Feet,’ was a very exciting and fun work to create. ‘Touch Down,’ developed on from work I began creating last year. Together I felt that I was re-evaluating my sense of femininity.

April has been wonderful. Months of preparation has meant I’m able to keep developing new project ideas and I now feel I’m in full swing with my own arts practice. I received an honourable mention in Create! Magazine recently after I applied to an open call for women identifying as female and I will be featured on their blog soon.

I’m happy to announce my store has also opened and awaits your inspection. You’ll find a collection of items at the ready. I’ve also started selling works at auction including ‘Glaselonoch,’ which is available now. ‘Mothers Apron,’ also available and ‘Fruit & Feet,’ finally.

What kind of May are we going to have do you think?

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