Hello 2020!

It’s a brand new day, a brand new year, a brand new decade! I really can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed seeing 2019 come to a close, it was pretty fantastic. Finding a new home, finishing my degree and applying for my masters made for an eventful 2019.

The general election was a disappointment in every way imaginable with the Conservatives gaining a bigger mandate ushering in Brexit and the chaos that will follow. Politics has, however, been transformed by the conversations around the safety of the NHS, poverty, inequality and climate instability which can not be ignored.

I felt the need to take a break from my own art work after dyeing lengths of fabric with dyes gathered from nature. I’d been building momentum, working with ideas that were going to take time, chipping away when I was able too. Which is the great thing about having a creative practice when you’re managing a health condition; you gain progress when you’re able to. Whether it was the general election or some residual stress left over from earlier in the year, I started to lose focus and feel flat. I over optimistically thought I could take a break for six months in preparation for starting my masters, but I have never been able to stop making art work so a couple of weeks away from it was all I was able to do. Feeling refreshed after the Christmas period, I’ve started to reorganise my projects over the last few days with the aim of continuing to develop ideas and create new work for my portfolio.

I’ve found some new favorites over the last year. I saw a new version of Othello performed by The Pantaloons at The Gate, Cardiff. Set to music with hilarious performances, I enjoyed every minute of it. A different kettle of fish entirely I binge watched Preacher with Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun on Amazon. I literally own one Preacher comic that I picked up at my first Comic Con in Cardiff, but I’ve known about the series since I started watching Bill Hicks, who the character is inspired by. I struggle to find the words to express how much I enjoyed this series! I’ve also had George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice on repeat over December. I’ve loved George Michael since I was a kid seeing his music on MTV, in direct contradiction with my love of Bill Hicks. I think his music is poetic, stylistic and really just incredibly moving even when you’re dancing to it. I feel like I’ve started to enjoy the things I love a lot more towards the end of 2019, maybe it’s with a sense of abandonment that being cool even matters at 35 years of age.

If you wish to follow my progress please follow my social links. I hope that 2020 is the year of your life!

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