The Beauty of Nature Is Free

I’m struck by the simple fact that the beauty of the natural world is free to enjoy. It has always inspired me. My life is changing in new and wonderful ways and I no longer feel as though I need to succeed as an artist. I love to create, it is who I am and I won’t be giving it up any time soon, but I will be creating for different reasons. Success puts a price on creating that sometimes is hardly worth paying. Creativity is free to enjoy, just like nature.

I will continue setting up shop, developing my practice, writing and in some instances it will have a certain cost. Success however, has a limited and narrow definition in our society and I will not be producing work for that reason.

I have a single Portfolio page where you can find a selection of work. I’m going to be offering support options through my Patreon page which I will expand soon. I have a lot more work to do before setting up my Folksy store properly, as I don’t currently have a permanent studio space, which is making things a little difficult. I will continue to update here on the 1st of each month. I hope you had a spooktacular Halloween, have a safe and sparkly Bonfire night!

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