I want to write a thank you to my readers and the folks liking my posts. It has provided an amazing amount of positive energy whilst trying to maintain a blog, which hasn’t been straightforward. My art is growing in several different directions at the moment after years of not knowing where I was headed, and it’s starting to feel okay to do that but trying to organize my online work hasn’t proven easy. I apologise that it’s taken maybe too many different formats in recent months.

I also realise that I am definitely profane even in my own slow moving, subtle and indirect style of art work which communicates ideas in novel and interesting ways. Those ideas are often heavy and dark and I like to create a sense that there is a way out of any dark space my work might exist in. I’m also vary wary of this feeling that most of what I do could be perceived as negative, which it most certainly isn’t. My current solution to this is to password protect projects which might have swear words or difficult subjects and offer entry as a kind of puzzle. More on that in a little while.

Again thank you for reading and I’m hoping to offer more through this blog as time moves on. For regular updates please click the follow button.

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