An open window

lets in a fly,

buzzing all about

trying not to die.


I have no swatter.

Its figured it out.

So annoy me in the ear

and I’ll smack myself out.


That’s what it thinks.

I know what it thinks,

because he is the enemy

but I’m the one that stinks.


That’s what they say,

all those flies,

so they can lay their eggs

in yesterdays meat pie.


Printing by hand allows me to connect with the images I create on a personal level whilst exploring all their different applications. I love painting on canvas although my current studio doesn’t allow for much of it, so printing at a smaller scale provides room for experimentation and exploration of meaning. I’ve experimented with print on demand and often the results are fantastic but having studied fashion and textiles I can’t get away from wanting to make items myself. A combination of the two on the different platforms that exist is how I approach this.

Since 2010 I’ve experimented with my art making almost daily, unsure of where it’s taking me. I knew that I had to return to older ideas but invention is always pushing an artist forward- to try new things. I receive ideas everyday and knowing which ones to pursue is half the challenge. Card making is fantastic, like working on hand size canvasses. I can try different effects and there is something lovely about the card. Working on items for my Folksy Store has brought lots of older ideas to the fore to be revisted. I looked at decay and organic during my education. I think that alchemy and a love of nature inspires me to look at the less pleasing side of being alive, the opposites of the pretty and the beautiful, and still I find them so interesting.

This particular block print was tricky to get right and I had to redesign the fly a few times, but purple turned out to be the perfect colour. I must try green and blue. These cards will be on my Folksy store shortly. I will be creating some ‘how to’ posts on printing methods in the next few weeks. Please follow my blog to stay updated.

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