I have felt that works created whilst being ‘unwell’ are interesting and I’ve wanted to express the thoughts, feelings and fears I experienced during those points in time. I have taken them down temporarily to assess whether I need to continue expressing them, not least because they are reminders of very difficult periods and I would like to create new work, which I’ve also applied to my blog.

Writing, making art and posting online to a shapeless-formless- anyone-could-read-this-internet does require certain turnkeys. I am, for one, not particularly interested in offending people and whilst the nature of trauma and difficult experiences is that it creates and expels strong emotions, I would prefer that those emotions were not aimless.

I didn’t train as an artist. I have made and created paintings, collages and drawings from a young age, but I think that my art making since returning home to Wales has been based around an idea that art should and can be viewed by anyone within reason. I feel differently today. I feel there should be a price of admission, if only in theory. Determining whether someone who is viewing work about trauma and strong emotions actually particularly wants to see it whilst not watering it down is a turnkey that I think is necessary.

I love to look at different artists, different techniques, to have a go with an idea, but this does not usually result in work of my own, hence my interest in art history. I like to see how concepts ‘work.’ To update, I will be creating an admission for past and future projects which will either be to support my work, or make viewing a decision rather than a glance. To see how this works I will be experimenting with different formats. Please follow my blog or social media links to stay updated.

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