How Can Consciousness Be Navigated?

Consciousness is an ever shifting landscape that asks the individual to explore its terrain whilst doing what you can to show others the way (Davey, 2005) You may explore alone, with others or travel along the paths that others have taken before you.

Every mind that has ever thought to itself has wondered what exists beyond what it thinks it knows. Nothing frightening there. Often we are faced with decisions that can potentially ruin us, yet we believe there is a chance we might save a loved one, create a better world, discover something new and each time it’s as if we barely had any choice at all. It can not be real? Our routines deminish risk and when confronted with danger we often think that our routines will help us through it. Which is correct.

The role of the individual in society can not be undermined. They seek recognition and to contribute to the world. Every individual has exactly what they wish to gift to this world and we can all help to provide a way of doing so (Benn, 1981).

Consciousness seeks representation, it functions as the mental space in which any individual can discover what their purpose is. They can take their time doing so. The non-matter nature of consciousness needs a practical solution: books, art work, prose, sign posting and courage. It can come in the form of friends and family, or another figure. Leonardo Da Vinci is an icon whose works will function as guides to human endeavour for as long as we can perceive them. There are many figures though out history whose lives we can take inspiration from.

Consciousness is often described as being beyond comprehension, as a non-thing and yet you only have to imagine it to grasp hold of it. It is part of us and I feel very reassured by how silly subjects such as spirituality and consciousness and love often seem. You can not stay there forever.


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